Associated stations - making hostnames visible across multiple APs

Whilst researching this topic myself I found a number of threads with different solutions to the problem of making hostnames visibile across multiple access points. Unfortunately those threads are locked, so I'm creating this one to share my own (different) solution to the problem.

Most threads focus on getting an entry into the ARP table, using tools such as fping, arp-scan, etc.

My approach is somewhat different - I'm running a cron job to copy /tmp/dhcp.leases from the "primary" router (ie, device running DHCP/dnsmasq) out to the "secondary" access points.
This was the result of looking at how LuCI "assembles" its status overview.
Warning: This approach would not be suitable if your secondary APs are acting as DHCP servers!


  1. Create SSH keys on the primary device:
dropbearkey -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/id_dropbear
  1. Add the generated public key to the accepted keys on the secondary access point(s) (System > Administration > SSH-Keys)
    (note if you need to get the public key again, you can dump it with dropbearkey -y -f ~/.ssh/id_dropbear on the primary device)
  2. Add cron jobs on the primary device to copy /tmp/dhcp.leases to secondary devices
*/5 * * * * scp /tmp/dhcp.leases root@<secondary device>:/tmp/dhcp.leases
etc etc

I hope someone else finds this useful. As an added benefit I can now see dhcp leases regardless of whether I log into the primary device, or any of the secondary APs.

Other threads for reference:

Before and after screenshots:


Thank you!

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