Assistance with QoS (and Bufferbloat) with OpenWrt

Hello there!

I'm looking to setup QoS on my OpenWrt 18.06.04 device and was looking for some recommendations on where to start and how to best dial my configuration in.

I'm currently on Spectrum (Charter) 100Mbps plan (100 down / 10 up)

In the past, configuring QoS has always been a pain point with having to dial things in and taking ages to get setup and working just right, with past routers and firmwares.

Ideally, I'd like to just toggle or enable a setting that's able to automatically prioritize traffic and not need to be tuned - but as I understand nothing like that really exists, so I'm hoping with what the information I provided, on where I could configure this in the firmware and/or what package(s) I may need to install. I prefer to keep everything as stock or native as possible here.

Thank you!

A complete guide in five minutes: