Assigning publicly accessible IPv6 to Client behind Router

I am trying to get access to a machine behind my router from an external VPS.
As Port Forwarding is not the answer in IPv6 context, I guess the right way is to have a publicly accessible (global) IPv6 assigned to the machine behind my router.
However, I don't know how to accomplish that.
I managed to get IPv6 working in client mode on that machine, but how do I access for example a web server on that machine from the external VPS?

Also, although the router has a global address (starting with 2a03) which I can ping from the external VPS, I cannot establish a TCP connection to a specific port from the VPS to the router, trying with socat. The other way around is working.

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Okay. Now there are random global addresses automatically assigned to all devices behind the router, without any static leases. Actually the list of DHCPv6 leases is completely empty and I don't know why.

What I did: "Delegate IPv6 prefixes" in Interfaces -> WAN6. "IPv6 assignment length" to 64.
Also in Interfaces -> LAN: RA-Service and DHCPv6-Service both to "server mode".

After this, my devices received global addresses.

I also had to follow this to allow access to specific ports on those devices from outside:

Thank you.

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