Assign interface to switch port

Hi all,

I'm running a YouHua WR1200JS (also known as MTK MT7621A ).

I would like to create one subinterface per switch port.

I know that we can create subinterface but I have no idea how and if we can assign them to a specific port on the onboard switch ...

the idea is to get rid of the whole lan interface, and have I interface per zone :wink:

Switch config :

interface config :

You add a new VLAN, say with ID 3. CPU will be tagged as you have for VLAN 1, whichever port you want you set it to untagged (and the same port will be off for VLAN 1), and the WAN port will be off.

Then you create a firewall zone for it. You are likely to want to copy the LAN zone, except that you will probably want to block connections from that subnet (if it's a first neutral for example) to the LAN zone.

You go to interfaces, create an interface for the VLAN you just created (i.e. eth0.3) and set the IP, DHCP Server settings etc.

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