Assign different IPV6 DNS per host


I am trying to set parental control by assigning specific dns address for a given host. This works fine with IPv4 assignement in dnsmasq configuration file, however the IPv6 DNS configuraiton is still pointing to the router default dns.

Unfortunately, this makes the dns based filtering totally unusable, cose the host can resolve the names using the ipv6 dns resolver and bypassing thus the ipv4 dns resolver (set correctly). I am using a dual stak ipv4 and ipv6, I don't want to deactivate ipv6 dhcp.

I tried in dnsmasq conf to set ipv6 dns address in "config tag" section like the following but none of this worked out

config tag 'kids'
list dns 'xxxx:xx:xx::'
list dhcp_option 'option6:dns-server,[xxxx:xx:xx::]'

The target hosts either gets always their dns ipv6 address pointing to the lede router dns address or got no ipv6 dns assignement at all.

Can you please tell me how to set different ipv6 dns addresses for different hosts correctly within dnsmaq?


Ipv6 router advertisements carry the DNS info, and they are network wide, many ipv6 hosts don't do DHCPv6, using SLAAC instead, so this is unlikely to work.

You're much better off to do a separate VLAN for the restricted network, and then advertise a separate DNS to the entire VLAN.


Thanks for your prompt reply. Ok I will try to create the new vlan as per your suggestion and come back if I have pending issues.