Ash/ssh doesn't set remote terminal title

Hi, noob here.

When I ssh into my device, it doesn't set the terminal title to


like most hosts I ssh to.

Since I have many terminal tabs open, I end up manually setting the connection's title through the terminal program's UI.

I've tried different terminal programs (gnome-terminal, lxterminal, konsole, xterm) and they all behave the same way.

Is there a way for the terminal's title to get set automatically when ssh connects?

If I remember correctly, this issue affected older OpenWrt releases.
Upgrade to the latest stable release and reset settings to factory defaults.


Worked fine on my gnome terminal and terminator. OpenWrt version 21.02.1

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cat /etc/openwrt_version

Thank you for the replies, it does turn out that I am running a comparatively-ancient version of OpenWrt

comparatively? It's just plain ancient. Very much unsupported, lots of security vulnerabilities, etc... you shouldn't be using a version that old on the internet at all. Please upgrade to a more recent version... you may need new hardware to run any versions that are currently supported and considered safe/secure (i.e. 21.02 is the current version, 19.07 is nearing EOL, but is still supported and up-to-date on security).


You could also manually do the changes done five years ago, in year 2016, which fixed this in /etc/profile
You can just edit that file in a live router.

See the PS1 export line here...

Later slightly modified with

Ps. I thought to answer already yesterday, but when I saw that the answer/solution is from 2016, I thought that you must suffer from something else, as "nobody runs firmware older than that"...


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