ARV752DPW dump


could one of you please provide me with their backup of their easybox 802 (ARV752DPW)? I know I should have done at least one beforehand but the typical "what could possibly go wrong?!" got the best of me :confused:

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The official firmware can be downloaded from here:


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You're an angel, thank you so much!

Is it possible to restore the wifi part by writing the correct serial number from the back into the bootloader via serial or is it possible with Mac address? Would love if some further development is ongoing.

I just tried 19.07 on my EB802 and it works quite OK. The wifi is solid after taking out the disacknowlede option when weak signal is. It also works with forced 40MHz.

Unfortunately it still uses just 1 core and so even with kmod-nft-offloading enabled the wifi just performs around 40 Mbit/s with 100% CPU load.

Maybe someone has still ideas how to improve it and would love if someone would tell how to use Vlan and WAN port on the switch with this device. There is no switch point in luci.

Probably yes.

`Press Space Bar 3 times to enter command mode ...123
Yes, Enter command mode ...

Enter Administrator Mode !

[#] Set Serial Number`

Try this version. Everything works fine.

OpenWrt 18.08 with kernel 4.9.223 for Easybox 802.
=> Full version with SFE/fastpath - LAN/TV port as a WAN
Click on the button "Pobierz". The download is free.

Sorry for the late reply :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your support and work. Unfortunately I can't really download your images. It shows me the following text

You are trying to download a 7 MB file. Each file over 1 MB requires transfer costs.

Unfortunately I have no access to purchase... Could you maybe offer it from or other platforms?

I really appreciate that you still work on Easybox 802 and maybe 803 and 904!

I haven't solved my serial number or Mac address problem yet... I just wanted to see how it works after flashing and resetting with your new image.

Thank you very much again!

Please, try again. Firmware is still free to download.