Aruba (I)AP-105


I'm new to openwrt,and I think about flashing my aruba IAP 105's.

I have some questions about it.

I need to flash it to u-boot, and a 16 pins test clip is required, does this one work?

WPA3 is also supported on the device?

Does more of these devices work as an cluster like the default firmware works on an Aruba?

regards Richard

WPA3 support is doubtful. It's a first generation ath9k radio chip, which lacks the hardware for MFP (crypto protected management frames), which is a required part of WPA3.

OpenWrt out of the box assumes each router stand alone, it doesn't offer central management. You could look at add-on control systems like OpenWISP.

Of course if you have a bunch of them laying around unused its a good way to get experience.

Looks like here wpa3 works and performance is well