Arris TR4400 v2 / RAC2V1A Support


i'll try my hand at porting OpenWRT to the RAC2V1A. i'm completely new to OpenWRT; not only as a dev, but i also never once used the platform.

i bought an RAC2V1K on ebay to start me up on the platform as a user, but got sent an RAC2V1A instead. i wasn't in the States to receive the package at the time, so the seller -a nice fella by the handle of "patrolop23"- royally screwed me over saying the return window had expired... thank you!

so here it is: the perfect opportunity for an unplanned crash course into OpenWRT :slight_smile:

i started by creating the device page yesterday. it already has enough info to guide you through the required hardware hacking (a pain, but i gather there won't be a way around it) for those willing to take the plunge. next i'll be studying U-Boot and OpenWRT. for now there is nothing to show, but i think it's likely that something will come out of this. i'm pleasantly surprised by the quality of OpenWRT's documentation.

if you own an RAC2V1A say hi.

PS. i come from the DD-WRT world. after fixing some long-standing issues in the platform, i got disenchanted with the way the project is managed. not to mention that the project is not really free as in freedom. if all goes well, i'll be slowly phasing out all my Broadcom hardware with its non-free bull...

FYI, i'm currently blocked on this issue:

the issue above has been fixed and the router is booting and flashing OpenWrt.

Hey, that's great news! Glad to hear you recovered the device.

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beta firmware published!

head to the device page.