Aria2 . How to configure. Download Manager

I installed it , but i can't get running it after Reboot. It is ticked as enabled but the service won't start.

Could someone guide me which extra setting i need to do.

Thanks in advance.

logread -e aria2
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here is the result!

how to get running this?

Do what it says there to fix the problem, perhaps?

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i created the download path already!

Is it writable by the specified user?

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here again download path is created.

Is there any way to solve this easily . I am a noob .

service log restart
service aria2 restart
logread -e aria2
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hi vgaetera, could you please explain me how set the dir download right

This is my mount point. I want as download folder Greendisk . How can i create it right?

Well your mount point is /mnt/GREENDISK so you need to create a sub directory there.

mkdir /mnt/GREENDISK/downloads

Then edit the aria2 config and replace the download directory with /mnt/GREENDISK/downloads. After that restart the service and it should be good to go if there is no permissions issue.

Edit: If you don't want to create a sub directory then you can just put /mnt/GREENDISK in the download path in the config and it should work.


when i open the webgui i get following error.

Oh Snap! Could not connect to the aria2 RPC server. Will retry in 10 secs. You might want to check the connection settings by going to Settings > Connection Settings

Host is

Port 6800

in Luci Settings i have also port 6800.

I am not able to paste some Downloads and beginn them. But for now the Service is running.

Any ideas ahmar? Do i have to open port TCP and UDP manually for 6800?

AFAIR you also need to set up the rpc options within the aria web UI. So go to Settings and then Connection Settings in aria2 Web UI and put your IP address and any other rpc settings from the config and it should connect nicely.

i have nothing changed just port and ip . Rpc is untouched. What excatly is my next step.?

You need to set RPC settings in aria2 Web UI also. aria2 Web UI works through RPC so you will need to set the IP and RPC-PORT to whatever you set in the config. Have a look in the config and figure out your RPC settings for Web UI.

thenk you friend

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