Are there different packages for the master and release builds of LEDE/OpenWrt?


I've have been building my own firmware for the Linksys WRT1900AC based off the trunk/release builds and most of the time the router works.

However, there are a few annoyances that may not be present on the stable builds which I why I'm thinking I should be compiling on more stable code??

The annoyances I have at the moment is the fan won't spin down after doing a reboot. The fan only shuts off if I physically turn the router on and off using the switch at the back. After turning the router back it and letting it boot up as normal, the fan does spin down after a couple of minutes.

UPDATE: The other problem I have is the LuCI interface becomes sluggish sometimes taking about a minute to load when accessing it from over a Wi-Fi connection. Whereas the hard-wired cable connection, this is extremely responsive. I should note this is in relation to software the reboots. If I turn the router off using the switch it behaves normal again.

My question is if I re-compile my firmware will I have less earlier versions of packages included with the firmware? In other words is there separate repositories for stable and trunk builds?

Many thanks


There are separate branches for stable builds.
Quite as defined in your feeds.conf.default

Master (trunk) has the newest versions, 18.06 rather new ones, 17.01 quite old ones, and 15.05 is naturally quite deprecated

But fan control for 1900 is in the main source, so it is not actually about packages feeds, but is in basefiles for mvebu

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…and at least so far, master and 18.06 haven't diverged that much (except for luci), especially not in the core software components.

This may be of some interest to your fan issue:
It is based on a script (don’t recall the original author) and checks the temperatures every 10 seconds and adjusts fan speed accordingly. It supports a 50% speed as well and is added as a start up process.

wget -O /tmp/
sh /tmp/ -install