Are there any stats available on the usage/adoption of OpenWrt?

Apart from, can i find stats on the usage/adoption of OpenWrt. Something like number of installations, downloads or anything related.


Thank you. Found it.

One remark though:

The statistics do say nothing about popularity of a specific device, they just show numbers of downloads of certain files.

It is unknown if those downloads were done by a human owning such a device, or by a bot that does not identify himself as such.

Edit #1: If downloaded by a human, it is unknown if "1 human = 1 device = 1 download". Users may download OpenWrt images multiple times, which makes it even more difficult to deduce popularity from the download numbers.

Edit #2: Further difficulties when analyzing the download stats: 1 IP != 1 human; 1 human != 1 IP

You might also find this topic interesting: TL-WR1043ND snapshot images - High download numbers - Spanish users needed

Therefore the old saying applies: Don't trust any statistic that you havn't forged yourself.


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