Are Belkin F7D routers supported in LEDE?

I was wondering if the Belkin F7D3302 was actually a supported router in LEDE?

For some reason all the Belkin F7D routers have been removed from the OpenWrt/lede builds,even though the Lede /OpenWrt websites-wikis expressly say these routers are supported.

Where exactly have you found the F7D to be supported?

No support listed in OpenWrt:[Brand*~]=belkin&dataflt[Model*~]=f7d

No support listed in LEDE:[Brand*~]=belkin&dataflt[Model*~]=f7d

From here:[Brand*~]=belkin&dataflt[Model*~]=f7d

And Here:[Brand*~]=belkin&dataflt[Model*~]=f7d

And Here:

The existing information implies basic support was added into OpenWrt at some point, but I don't see any images available. Usually, the OpenWrt wiki links to those.

There's talk of a custom OpenWrt tree but last commit to that tree is from 2014. That's from before the Chaos Calmer release.

Did you notice the F7D model number routers listed on these pages?

Are you referring to this?

Or this?

I did, I think @tmomas did as well. Did you fully read the wiki entries?

I was referring to this repo where the latest commit dates back to halfway 2014.

I checked LEDE's downloads, and at least for trunk, there is no Belkin models listed.

I'm wondering if the build system you're using got broken somehow because I found these FD7 images that can be downloaded from 2016:

Interesting,isn't it?

As for the first two: Fixed.

As for the devicepage: see Boromini's answer

It wouldn't be the first image to be missing; however, noone except the owner of that domain can tell you where these builds originate from, and it's not a mere mirror of the official images. The official 15.05.1 OpenWrt repo does not list any Belkin images either - nor does their trunk repository, for that matter. So again, that heavily points towards a custom tree.

I understand you'd like your hardware to be supported out of the box (we all do, after all), but since you seem so convinced there is official support, I have fired up my buildroot, looked through the available brcm47xx/mips74k targets, but no Belkin there unfortunately. Grepping the git tree doesn't make them show up either.

Relevant git commits I could find:


I built these firmware by myself. Based on my own patches and Cody’s patches. I released on the same website other releases of OpenWRT and LEDE.

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Patches were never officially included in any ways. So, if you want to build your own releases, it’s possible but also hard to do.

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