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I found an uHttpd service on my Arduino Industrial 101 running linino and Arduino jsos. As my Arduino Yun has nice directorylistings and my Industrial 101 does not i tried to figure out how to configure the webserver of the beneth system and found uHttpd running. But the manual is not clear to me where the /etc/config/uhttpd flag nodirlist can be added. Found it here:
How can i activate Directorylistings for my development duration?
Regards, Novski

It doesn't sound like you're running OpenWrt. You probably should consult the resources for your OS. The file you named is specific to OpenWrt. It may not even be the same uhttpd that your OS is using.

well relying on this page its a part of OpenWrt but seams to be a sideproject somehow. Reading the fourth line of your Link, says thats not the right place for people looking for uhttpd distributed with OpenWrt. But instead it links back to OpenWrt so i think im right here...

Im asking if somebody has information about how to use the directorylisting in the config of the webserver.

The configuration using the /etc/config/* files is OpenWrt-specific with its use of ubus and procd. If you are using another OS, then you will need to understand how that OS configures and runs processes.

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Take a look at

Perfect. that works! thanks!

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