Archer VR600 v2 SQM

Hi i have this router Archer VR600 v2,
it has basic QOS setting with speed setting and some priority,
but seems that not always it gives good bufferbloat, it helps but i read that SQM cake is much recommended than normal QOS,
didnt find firmware for my router, is there way i can buy the firmware ?

not found = no support, no firmware.

Can i ask for firmware to be made for this router?
how does submitting request work?

No, there is no one taking such 'requests', then going out to buy such a device with their own money, before spending somewhere between a long rainy weekend and several weeks or even months to get it working (depending on if there is driver support for the underlying hardware to begin with). If you have the device, you can do porting yourself and then submit the changes for merging, or wait for the chance that someone else is in the same situation and does it for themselves (and in extension you), which may- or may never happen. Porting to a new device is only possible with the device on the desk, opened up, serial console attached, lots of documented, developing, tinkering, experimenting (and may very well be destructive), with no guarantee of success. In some cases you may be able to speed up that process or to roll the dice in favour of a particular one, by identifying a regular contributor who might be capable/ interesting in doing the work, if you supply a device with little- to no strings attached, but it's still down to chance.

If you care about running OpenWrt on a device, you settle this question beforehand and only buy a devices that is already supported (or at least close to become supported).

guess i learned the hard way that QOS is not the answer that i needed for my use of online gaming and lots of data on the web is used at the same time,
well i shall investage into routers that support the OpenWRT SQM Cake .
Thank you sir for helping me understand :slight_smile:

Hi guys again me,
So i searched a bit and kinda got lost,
The Router that i have isnt compatible with OPENWRT SQM Cake program.
i barley find routers that have VDSL Connection's .
all recomendations that i see is routers that dont have this connection,
and problem that in my apparment VDSL is the only connection i have, 50/5mpbs.

So what solution can i do in order achive SQM ?
New router? Switch (Never had one) ?
Thanks in advance
P.s im newbie in this OpenWRT world .

Yes, unfortunately out of the three VDSL modem SoCs only lantiq/intel/maxlinear is supported by OpenWrt, the other two Broadcom and Mediathek? are not. To add insult to injury only relativly old lantiq SoCs like the xrx200 are supported. The positive side is though, these are pretty robust and reliable and should be powerful enough for a 50/5 internet access link. One popular model i the BT HomeHub 5A (the A is important, the B model will not work) which can be found on ebay for not too much money sometimes even flashed to OpenWrt (it is a bit of a hassle to flash these, so expect to pay a few pounds more for that "service").
Personally, I started with a HH5A as fully integrated router, but found out that it did not have enough CPU cycles for my use case (VDSL2 link @100/40 with SQM). So I relegated the home hub to act as bridged modem behind another more powerful OpenWrt router. (I later replaced the HH5A with a broadcom modem in bridge mode, because of stability issues on my link, the DSLAM's Broadcom line-card seems to harmonize better with broadcom modems; since I had switched to using the HH5A as bridged modem anyway, exchanging the modems was easy).

That said, you might be able to use your existing Modem router, either in bridge mode (not all proprietary routers allow to configure bridge mode) or even as a full router with only your new OpenWrt router connected and all other devices (including WiFi) connect only to the OpenWrt router. Yes, that will mean double NAT which is double ungood, but often acceptable, as long as one does not forget that port forwarding rules will need to be configured in both routers ;).

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