Archer C9 install fails

I'm used to the DD-WRT with WRT54 and now moving to more recent routers ....
I tried an install of lede last stable release on an archer C9.
Just realized than the BIN file is for a V1 where I have a "V3 / V4 " according the GUI.
is there a chance to have an upgraed to the distrib soon ? or some workaround ?
Thanks a lot in advance

According to wikidevi, your router is equipped with BCM4360 wlan cards, which means LEDE has no driver for it[1]. Adding support for the device itself might be straight forward, but only without wlan support.

[1] b43 has some very, very basic support for BCM4360, but not in a state you'd like to use - search this forum for details.

ok thanks a lot, I think I will aim another device then !
thanks and have a good WE