Archer C7 with Archer C7 AP's, correct config?

I'm planning to add a RPI4 to my network configuration for better performance with SQM/QOS. Before I do so I want to be sure my current configuration is correct. So I have 3 Archer C7's.

I'v read a lot on this forum the last month about trunking. Everything is working well, except onder heavy load. For example when one client is download wat 250mbit. Even with SQM disabled, the network isn't stable anymore. So I want to be sure if I configured the switch and interface correct.

Below a schematic presentation of my network.

Right now I don't have the possibility to add more cables. So this is the situation.

Below screenshots of the switch configuration (luci):

Archer 1

Archer 2

Archer 3

So my question is, did I configure the trunk correct? Or did I create a loop somewhere which decrease the performance?

The Archer 3 is the middle one? I would expect it to be the top left.

Yes thanks. Updated my post

Looks fine to me.

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Tnx. So what if I add the RPi4, with a single cable. I'll user Archer 1 as managed switch. Can I realize it like this?


You can, but RPi doesn't have a switch. You'll define the subinterfaces directly in the ifname option of the uci interface and it will be tagged.

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So I'll create 3 interfaces on the RPI with different ifname's. Probably:
option ifname 'eth0.1'
option ifname 'eth0.2'
option ifname 'eth0.3'

And no switch configured.

That's right.

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Can I completely remove te interface wan from the Archer 1, and just create the interface wan on the RPI4?

That should work.

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