Archer C7 - What AC adapter to use


I have an TP-Link Archer C7 v2 lying around, but i have seem to lost the ac adapter, can anyone tell me what kind of ac adapter i need for this thing to run safely? Volt and Ampere?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

So sorry, i have found that it is rated at 12V, 2.5A.

I don't think i have one lying around, what happens if for example i would connect a 9v, 2A adapter to it ?

If it's lower spec than what you had, your device wouldn't boot (or it might, but wouldn't run stable). I think higher amperage wouldn't be a problem, if you found another adapter, but higher voltage will be an issue. Voltage should be identical (so 12V as well), not higher. E.g. a 12V, 3A adapter shouldn't give any problems. An adapter supplying, say, 16V, will fry your router.

12V, 1A is sufficient for the device itself (at least for my four Archer C7 v2 units). That assumes no USB devices. Depending on the USB device, you'll probably need 0.5 A more for each that you have plugged in.

As @Borromini points out, you can increase the current rating ("A", the total amount that can flow, if needed), but not the voltage ("V", pressure)

5.5 mm outer dia, 2.1 mm inner, center positive, ~10 mm length

Edit: The seemingly oversized adapter was perhaps chosen to support high-current USB devices, such as spinning-platter hard drives. I run a 16 GB USB "stick" in one of my C7s on a 1-A adapter.

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It could be ok with that. No guarantee it won't cause damage tho. Some 12v routers, at least, are fine with lower voltage. Their power supply chips step down the input to 3.3v plus 5v just for usb, they can accept a range of voltages as long as there is still headway for conversion losses.
But do be certain your power adapter has the correct polarity!

Purchase the correct AC adapter and no worries...

It won't work

I'm sure it's work fine if you don't use usb. I have many tplink router using 12v & 9v adapter without any problems.