Archer C7 vs Newifi3 D2

Using archer C7 v2 now but can get a Newifi3 d2 very cheap.

Seems cpu faster on d2, and no use for 3x3 anyway (no device support and only 2 to 3 users at most)

Routing speed is important as I have 1g broadband

What do you think?

Neither one is suitable to run SQM at gigabit rates.

My early testing with the Archer C7v2 seems to be limited to ~330 mbps NAT/route only, even with software flow offload. I need to confirm that I enabled s/w flow offload properly. I don’t have a MediaTek MT7621AT to measure. However, you might want to read the related

Edit: Looks like s/w flow offload is was broken on master. See further

Edit: 2019-10-04 -- Appears to have since been resolved on master. Untested at this time.

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Does anybody know about e-shop which is selling Newifi d2 with cheap EU shipping?

overclock C7 and enable flow offload. in my test reached 940Mbps of NAT traffic