Archer C7 vs Newifi3 D2

Using archer C7 v2 now but can get a Newifi3 d2 very cheap.

Seems cpu faster on d2, and no use for 3x3 anyway (no device support and only 2 to 3 users at most)

Routing speed is important as I have 1g broadband

What do you think?

Neither one is suitable to run SQM at gigabit rates.

My early testing with the Archer C7v2 seems to be limited to ~330 mbps NAT/route only, even with software flow offload. I need to confirm that I enabled s/w flow offload properly. I don’t have a MediaTek MT7621AT to measure. However, you might want to read the related

Edit: Looks like s/w flow offload is was broken on master. See further

Edit: 2019-10-04 -- Appears to have since been resolved on master. Untested at this time.

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Does anybody know about e-shop which is selling Newifi d2 with cheap EU shipping?

overclock C7 and enable flow offload. in my test reached 940Mbps of NAT traffic

Is there an English breed for overclocking?

i don't think there is. use @pepe2k's u-boot_mod or stock u-boot

I have a Newifi d2 and really don't like it, FWIW. The MT76 open source driver is a mess right now. I have bluetooth interference issues with the 2.4 GHz radio even with a 20Mhz channel. The 5Ghz radio bombs out occasionally for no reason. I've tried all sort of different Openwrt releases from the 18 series to the 19 series with not much luck. It works, but poorly, right now.

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Pepe uboot can work on archer c7 v2? Need compile myself right? Thx

i got report from @kamil445 that it works on v2. i have v1 only so never confirmed that myself

Thx. I checked the pre built binaries and couldn't find the version for c7..... Need to wait till I have time to set up a build env... Thx!

any chance you still have the built uboot on hand? busy to set up build env... thx

nope. my drive crashed.

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thanks sir

hope @pepe2k will merge your codes soon and build on his raspberry server


When you say the mt76 driver is garbage you're talking about these open bugs?

I gave my gf my old mt76 router as I found it flawless for my use during the 18 release and she hasn't complained about anything not working well.

Well, maybe I'm mistaken about the mt76 driver then? I've had serious issues with wireless performance on all 18 and 19 series releases that I've tried for the Newifi D2. Maybe it is something else to do with my specific device?

The problem with Ralink/Mediatek devices is the poorly calibrated EEPROM on many devices.
On my Newifi D2 I tried changing the factory partition which contains the EEPROM, wireless performance immediately went up without even needing to change the wireless signal strength.
Atheros devices are better in that aspect as the ART partition that comes in many units are pretty okay.

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Could you share your change?

Try at your own risk

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I'm willing to try it as my Newifi D2 is just collecting dust. Can someone advise the command to use to flash the EEPROM?

May I ask where you got the calibrated EEPROM? Would like to compare it to the dir860l and mir3g EEPROM.