Archer C7 VLANs

I'm having a very challenging time. My goal: Two Wifi SSID's each on a different VLAN that passes that VLAN tag to the WAN.

I'm configuring it from a cable plugged into the back of the device.

I've found several guides on how to do this online, but most are either incomplete or use an older interface. Whenever I've tried to configure it via these methods, I end up unable to access the device and I have to do a reset.

Can someone point me to a better resource for configuring VLAN's please?

Thank you.

I'm not sure what this means. Is this device primarily acting as a full router or a dumb ap (i.e. another router in the system)? Normally, you won't be passing multiple VLANs to the WAN. If you are using a typical residential or small business type connection, usually the WAN is masqueraded (for IPv4), and VLANs are not passed to the WAN (they are routed within the router and the traffic is sent on a single subnet).

Meanwhile, generally speaking, the Guest Network tutorials are a good place to start.

As mentioned, I think a guest network is probably what you want.

Good video tutorial on how to set it up.

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Thanks! I will watch that video tonight and give it a try.

I was able to get a hold of a really nice HP enterprise switch from a local company that just did a upgrade and dumped these things off for really cheap. I've configured it with different VLANs for different projects. Each VLAN has a DHCP server and different routing configured for it per project. What I'm hoping to do is have two wireless SSID's that my laptop can connect to and get an appropriate IP from whatever VLAN. I've got a port on the switch configured to listen for either VLAN tag and route accordingly (which I've tested by plugging my laptop into the ethernet port and configuring the VLAN tags manually). So now I just need OpenWRT to pass the wireless connection on as a dumbAP sitting in my basement.

I will try this information you provided tonight.

Thank you both. But thank you @anon89577378 for the link! That Van Tech Corner video wasn't quite what I was looking for, but I noticed he had a bunch of other OpenWRT videos and one of them got me very close (he had a different aim but he was using the new 21.02 interface which helped me a lot). Youtube recommended this video on creating VLANs and while that video uses the old interface (which threw me for a loop the first time) I was able to piece all the bits I've learned and I've got something that works the way I was hoping it would.

It's probably a bit of a Frankenstein mess that would horrify people who knew what they were doing, it is a starting point for me as I figure this all out. (And now I've got a lot of those Van Tech Corner videos I want to watch... :slight_smile: )

I really appreciate the pointers to the right resources!

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