Archer C7 v5 slow LAN speed


i have an Archer C7 v5 with OpenWrt 19.07.3 r11063-85e04e9f46 / LuCI openwrt-19.07 branch git-20.234.16293-a82f67e (Kernel 4.14.180). My wired network stock at 300 Mbits/sec. I tried to activate "Software based offloading for routing/NAT" but no difference. I tried different Ports, Kabels, Clients and change the the firewall zone to unspecified for the lan interface.
What can i do further?

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When using the C7 as main router (NAT) you should check out the openwrt-sfe firmware instead it has Fast Path patches enabled to deal with the throughput.

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thank you for the reply. The C7 is not my main router therefore there is no NAT. It is used as a Switch and a WLan Router which is connected to the main Router (internet, dhcp) over cat7.

                    C7 ----------------------- Switch -------------------- Main Router ----- Internet
                   /  \                          \                          
                  /     \                         \
      WiredClient1      WiredClient2           WiredClient3

So i tested the transfer from WiredClient1 to WiredClient2 and from WiredClient1 to WiredClient3 but the speed stuck at 300 mbit. So the Problem seems to be the speed of the switch.
Is that a known problem of the c7 openwrt firmware?

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If you configured OpenWRT correctly as DUMP AP/Switch it seems a bit low to me you should be near 900mb's, in order to disable NAT truly disable the firewall and try again.

/admin/system/startup in luci!

Problem was on WiredClient1. I connected WireClient1 directly to the Switch and get the same results. It seems that something broke on the Client at the same time i installed the new router. The transfer between WiredClient2 and WiredClient3 is about 900mbit. Thank you for your efforts.

Hey! I'm bumping this because I find myself with the same problem. I get like 250mb/s to the internet thought the wan port. It is (or at least I'm trying) my main router. Is there any solution?