Archer C7 v5 revert to stock firmware

Will this work if i downlaod the stock firmware for my version and renamed it to my version ?

I'll just share this Archer C7 V4 RU recovery recipe here:

  1. Setup ethernet adapter to use IP mask gateway
  2. Use tftpd32 (32Bit exactly as stated), in global settings leave only TFTP Server running, verify that it's listening on port 69 in cmd with netstat by typing:
    netstat -an 3 | find "66:69"
  3. Use Archer C7(RU)_V4_171130.bin, rename to ArcherC7v4_tp_recovery.bin and place to tftpd32 shared folder
  4. Connect ethernet cable to ethernet port 1 on the router
  5. While holding recessed "Reset" button (not the WPS/Wi-Fi!) press "Power" button and wait until data transfer LED lights up (Two arrows pointing different directions).

If everything went right - you will see "Read request for file <ArcherC7v4_tp_recovery.bin>. in tftpd log window. The flash operation took me about 3 to 5 minutes.