Archer c7 v5 overclock

I didn't knew tp-link 1043ND v4.x could be overclocked. Can you point me to the files needed for this?

I managed to overclock Archer C7 v2.x at 1000.00 MHz and I would like to do it also on my 1043ND v4 but for this device I can't find some guidance.

Make sure you take full flash backup with programmer before attempting this, or at least take art partition backup.

I flashed this exact file[2021-12-16]/breed-qca956x-uart_rx18_tx22-reset2.bin using kmod-mtd-rw. If your router is same as mine, it should work.
Still make sure reset is correct, confirm this by running this
cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio

Reset value for above file is 2, so make sure your router uses gpio 2 for reset before flashing above file.

You also gonna need this extension This is english translator for breed web ui.

I also need to let you know, 1000Mhz clock rate only works with OpenWrt 22.03.2, I tried with latest build and it couldn't be booted and hence had to reduce rates to 900 Mhz for it to work.