Archer C7 v5 EU to US

I found a retailer who has Archer C7 v5 EU version in stock, which doesn't support channel 149(Band 4)

I live in South Asia and I have an archer A9 US edition which supports all my devices at channel 149 but doesn't have openwrt. My country allows channel 149(entire band 4 is allowed)

If I flash openwrt onto my archer c7 v5 EU, can I setup SSID in the channel 149?

It should be possible to change the country setting after flashing.

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If the EU version had something hardcoded in its 'ART' partition then would it be possible that I might not get the channel 149 to work on openwrt?

This thread mentions about a bug that makes wifi not working when country is changed. So my driver default will be EU?

I looked up on the internet and it says that channel 149 is a low power channel and needs to be certified as a short range device, which I don't think the C7 is certified for.

Thank you for your kind responses to help me. I've been confused for the past 10 days whether to sell my archer a9(US) for a C7(EU). My english isn't good so I'm open to rephrase stuff I said that isn't understandable

Changing the country in OpenWrt can only limit further down the hardware specifications; it has no ability to broaden them. Hardware specifications (EEPROM, ART, etc.) have veto power over software specifications (OpenWrt, Userland, etc.).

(...) Setting the domain from userland can only further restrict the regulatory settings. So if EEPROM says Japan, you can use all 14 channels, if you then set it to US, you can use merely the 12. It does not work the other way around, i.e. if EEPROM says US, you only can use the allowed 12 channels, no matter what you set in userspace! (...)

So if EEPROM says no to ch 149 there is no way around that I know of. Legally speaking.


@lleachii @DjiPi Thank you both for your valuable information. It really gave me some insight on country code behaviour. I'd want to mark both of your answers as the Solutions but if I do one, then I think I might offend the other. Thank you guys so much.

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