Archer C7 v5 (EU) ART Partition backup

Hi, so recently I flashed my C7 v5 EU to stock through the web interface, and that seems to have been a mistake. I needed to unbrick via tftp, and managed to restore back to factory. But since then, wifi was not working. I flashed back to openwrt and wifi is still not working.

dmesg shows that the ath10k firmware crashes, so I think I broke the ART partition, and of course, I don't have any backups.

I know it contains the Mac address and wifi calibration data, so it's near irreplaceable, but I was hoping someone can provide me with a dump of their ART partition so I can at least try to get wifi back up.

I already found this fantastic repo:, but the only available backup is for the 1043ND v4, which doesn't have 5GHz wifi. Nonetheless, I tried the backup on my C7 v5 (EU), using kmod-mtd-rw to flash it.

And it actually works! At least for 2,4GHz, anyway. It seems the necessary entries for 5GHz aren't included. So I was hoping somebody can send me their art.bin dump from a Archer C7 v5 (EU) to try.


Slight update, I also asked on reddit, and two users sent me their v4 and v5 dumps. I used the v5 one for my router and it seems to work fine, although the MAC address is distinctly weird.

With their permission, I added the dumps to, in case someone else needs these.

Hi, I just recovered my ART partition of my TP-Link Archer C7 (EU) V5. Do you still need the binary?

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