Archer c7 v5 back to the original software

I also had this problem and I can upload any software to C7v5. I just tested today, I know a lot of users have this problem. It has always been tftp over time that it has timed out.
It is known that in the network card we set the ip address: mask

Now use this tool:

Everything is almost set, you just need to unpack the access path (i.e. in tftp you press BROWSE and you choose in the main directory i.e. (tftpd32.460) is the original C7v5 soft tplink, while in other directories there are softs (ddwrt, gargoyle, openwrt) that with an unoriginal software you can upload a second soft, but using a browser. For example, I uploaded the soft ddwrt from the directory (ddwrt factory) then you need to upload the second from the same directory through the soft browser (tplink_archer-c7-v5).
Uploading software:
once you have the network card set up.
fire up tftpd32.460 select the soft you want
connect the router to your computer using a lan (router turned off from the power button at the back)
now turn on the button on the back and simultaneously hold the reset for about 7 seconds.
it will start loading soft into the router, wait about 10-15 minutes for the lights to light up.
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The link is broken. Moreover, could you please explain what this tool is and what's the source of it?

I don't suspect any bad intention, but still it's probably against the forum direction and the very ope nature of OpenWrt to suggest using unknown tools from unknown sources.

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Please refrain from sharing closed binaries on personal clouds or other unknown sources for no good reason. There is an offecial site for tftppd where people can download the software securely with minimal risk.

I suggest that you edit your first part to include the link to the offecial page instead

Thanks for the post. Maybe somrone could verify it and incorporate it in the Wiki if there is room for improvement.


@mariuszg1 There really is no need to link to a google drive when there is a perfectly working official website available.

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You do not want to do not download, download it from the official site and we will see if you restore the original software