Archer C7 v5 5Ghz Wifi low signal (suddenly)

Hi All,

I recently got a Archer C7 v5 and installed Openwrt 19.07.3.

Initially everything worked well but suddenly the 5Ghz Signal dropped to nothing (-80dB within a meter of the router). 2.4Ghz is still working fine (-29db within a meter of the router).

I tried:

  1. The non-ct drivers
  2. Upgrade to latest snapshot

All to not avail. Anyone with an idea or could it be hardware failure?


The best test for hardware failure is to return to stock firmware.

True, most likely will try that.
While it seems not the easiest on the C7 v5

Based on @mk24 suggestion I went back to the stock firmware and same issue. Actually issue is not low signal (that was from my other router) but no 5Ghz Signal at all even so Wifi 5Ghz is activated. So proves it is hardware failure. Thanks for the advice.

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