Archer C7 (v5.0) - Access Point with separate Guest WiFi

Hey folks :slight_smile:

I have a bit of a trouble on configuring my openWrt Router - and hope you could guide or help me a bit into the correct direction.

I want the Router to provide 2 different WiFi Networks:

  • 1 MainWifi, which extends the given LAN into WiFi
    means no own DHCP, that's provided by LAN
  • 1 GuestWiFi, which gives only access to WAN, and provides its own DHCP and range.

I have no problem with configuring the MainWifi, means I configure the WiFi and connect the LAN into the LAN ports. that works fine.

But how do I have to configure the GuestWiFi now?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Cheers sonix

to follow, interested too

To give more informations:

I plugged the LAN cable into the Port 1 (LAN). WAN Port is open.

I think I have trouble with routing and/or firewall.

While using the GuestWiFi, I’m able to geht DNS replies from the router (local DHCP Server IP) but no website route or else

Did you follow any tutorial / Wiki page on how this is set up? There is a lot of info on the Wiki which used to work fine the last time I tried it:

Hey :wink:

I first tried it the naive way with LuCi by myself.
Now I‘ve done it like in the Howto mentioned above.
Same result.

I could imagine that there is some trouble as the internet connection should be shared by lan network, not via wan port/interface.

That's a problem because you cannot differentiate lan/wan by firewall zone since your Internet connection is provided by lan, not wan.

I do the guest routing on the main router in the basement (which does not have WiFi at all) and use tagged VLANs to have both zones, i.e. lan and guest, available at the AP. My APs only have one single Ethernet connection. Is this similar to your setup?

In principle yes -
But I can’t control the main router (it’s a sophos utm appliance, in principle capable of vlans)

I think I‘ll fix it the wired way ..
I‘ll physically connect port 4 with wan and block outgoing traffic to the lan.

Will show it if it’s working :smirk: