Archer C7 V4 EU - no access to web gui after flash

Hello !

I just bought Archer C7 V4 EU that had 03/2017 factory rom on it, And flashed it with from this page

It flashed ok, but after restart, It doesn't allow me to access it's web gui at
I've ipconfig /release/renew, restarted the router, Tried different browser - Didn't helped
FYI - The router wroks, But I have no access to it's GUI.

P.S just checked and I can access the router in via WINSCP and see it's folders

Thank you

Since you flashed snapshot LUCI is not included.
You have to install it using opkg update and then opkg install luci over ssh

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Thank you so much Robi. I'll try that

Update : Installing LUCI worked. Thanks again !