Archer C7 v2 Wifi Extender

I have LEDE running on an Archer C7 and I have set it up as a Bridge/Extender using the instructions found at My problem is this... I can only get one of the radio's to connect and stay connected at a time. If I choose radio 0 and get it connected I will not be able to do the same with the other (1). Inevitably I will run into one of two problems. Either I cannot connect the second radio or if I do, it immediately disconnects the first but will never functionally use both. The router it is connected to another Archer C7 running the stock firmware. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

You only need one link back to the main network, choose the one with the best speed then have the other just in normal AP mode.

Or even better, add a supported USB WiFi dongle (5Ghz would usually be the best speed), use that in client mode then have both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz in AP mode on different channels to your main network. You get better speeds that way.

If there is any chance at all you can just run an ethernet cable back to the main router though then do that, doing WiFi to WiFi links is never ideal.

alexatkinuk - thanks for your suggestion!

I currently have radio 0 (5Ghz) connected to the main network because it is the more used and obviously faster side. The entire exercise was just to add a switch connecting the TV, DVR, PlayStation, etc...but the added bonus of a repeater would have been nice. House was built in the 80's (before wifi) and cabling the 2 together is a logistical "No". A bit disappointing result but I can live with it.

I was assuming that I did something wrong or perhaps missed a trick somewhere. Thanks Again!

The problem is that repeating a WiFi singal using a single radio causes anything running off the repeaters 5Ghz WiFi to use twice as much bandwidth, which would impact ALL devices running on both the main and repeated WiFi - as they are sharing the same channel.

Ultimately you can end up with a slower result than just using the original weaker signal on its own, or even using an 802.11n 5Ghz dongle as the link back to the main WiFi so that the repeated signal can be on a different channel.

It depends on a lot of things like other interference in the area, channel width, etc.

I'm going to give the dongle idea a try but with a different angle. I have a smaller dual channel tp-link se 200 wifi extender laying around. I am going to physically (wire) link the two and see what happens. Using the se 200 to link to the main router and broadcast through the C7. Worth a shot

The only issue with that is for proper repeating you need Access Point WDS which is most compatible when using an identical device for the Client WDS. But that is equally an issue using a dongle as the client.

Ultimately, its best to just try a few different configurations if possible to see which works best.

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