Archer c7 v2 WAN LED missing (ATH79)

Today i tried to migrate from AR71xx to ATH79.
With ATH79 the WAN LED is missing.

root@Repeater_WZ:~# ls /sys/class/leds
ath10k-phy0           tp-link:green:system  tp-link:green:wlan2g
ath9k-phy1            tp-link:green:usb1    tp-link:green:wlan5g
tp-link:green:qss     tp-link:green:usb2

The LEDs which are controlled by the switch aren't controllable on ath79 through linux as on ar71xx.

This is related to the missing led driver for the leds that are connected to the gigabit switch.

If anyone adds of support (device tree support) to this driver, we can expose this leds also on the led subsystem of linux.

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Hi, one year later..
Same situation, or any news ?

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As an end user, can I do anything?
Or I just have to wait and see ?

Fortunately, some kind people are working hard to address this issue, hope it will be merged soon.

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Unfortunately the pull request was rejected.