Archer C7 V2 - Massive Problems

How do you do it anyway? I tried kmod-ath10k-ct-smallbuffers and it still has the same problem, so what psyborg said could work maybe.

I am running ar71xx, whats the difference between them anyway? i thought it was a CPU architecture or something

Just do the upgrade to 19.07.1 ath79

I have updated, still timing out sometimes when watching a heavy stream

Upgraded to ath79? Did you save configs? You should try new ethernet cables well you are at it. I have a c7-v2 and don't have any issues. It's running 19.07.1 ath79

Do you get the dropouts on all devices or just the one? Do you get the dropouts just on WIFI or all connections. Could it be your modem?

What is a "heavy stream"? Is there anything else taking up bandwidth? Did you do a clean flash?


This is a known problem, see: Archer C7 2.4 GHz wireless dies in 24~48 hours

Basically, 2.4GHz interface will start acting up if loaded too much. 5GHz is rock solid. For me, it was the same in 18.06, 19.07 and 19.07.1. replacing ath10k-ct with (newest version of) ath10k did not work either.

Currently, only thing that seems to work is to revert to older driver:

opkg install

That would be surprising, considering that the 2.4 GHz radio is driven by ath9k and totally independent from ath10k{,-ct} and its firmware.

Well if that is the case then backdating will certainly fail. But according to gentleman in that thread, backdating to older ath10k fixed the issue with his 2.4 stability? :confused:

Placebo effect?

Different wireless hardware, different driver - ath10k isn't involved with the 2.4 GHz radio at all.
If you had problems with the 5 GHz radio, switching to a different firmware might help, but not for 2.4 GHz.

I am currently using "backdated" ath10k and running same sort of "test" on 2.4GHz...if it keels over (which it should withing 1 day) we will know for sure.


According to this thread, ath10k-firmware seems to affect 2.4GHz as well:

The interaction could be out of memory because the -ct ath10k uses a lot of RAM. There is now -ct-smallbuffers which must be used on devices with 64 MB of RAM and might help on a C7 even though those have 128 MB of RAM.

Either ath10k-ct kernel module can be used with the same ath10k-firmware-ct. The ath10k firmware runs on a CPU core inside the 5 GHz WiFi chip, it has no connection to the main CPU and 2.4 GHz WiFi.

host-target communication is bidirectional and a bogus firmware value returned from the 5ghz core can screw up things in main cpu core

Is it possible to use kmod-ath10k-ct-smallbuffers with ath10k-firmware-qca988x?

For best results a ct kmod should be used with a ct firmware. At the least there will be lots of error messages if not matched.

Ok, but non-ct firmware has higher throughput...

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3 days later and 2.4GHz is chugging along quite nicely. It should not work but it works...fitting backdated ath10k firmware fixes 2.4GHz stability. Go figure.

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Me too :wink: whyever it fixes problems

Update: switching ath10k drivers does not fix 2.4 issues :frowning: Five days later, 2.4 keeled over. Some clients just stopped responding (but were still associated), new clients could connect but not surf. Two hours later, new clients could connect and surf but old (that were already connected) could not.

Any other hints on how to troubleshoot? Can something be done with ath9k drivers?

Tried ct-smallbuffers?