Archer C7 v2 Gb internet only 250Mbps effective rate - safe to upgrade from 14.07 in one step to 18.06.2?

Hello dear comminity,

I upgraded my uplink from 50Mbps to Gb and now facing poor performance on the home network side (measured with, . I checked cabling and that is not the weak point. I have on the Archer C7 v2 a "OpenWrt Barrier Breaker 14.07 / LuCI Trunk (0.12+svn-r10530)", which is rather old and I want to upgrade. Lots of packages and configs (incl. VPN, samba, minidlna, etc.) and the network is also not simple with 40+ endpoints, 3 networks.

The simple question is: can I make a sysupgrade using sysupgrade_image?

Second question: if not, will my config work like a charm, after making a regular openwrt factory install and restore configs?

Thank you for your efforts to answer!


Make a backup of your settings for.reference only and make a list of packages you have installed.

Then do a sysupgrade without keeping any settings and go through the process of setting up the new installation and adding packages. Refer to the wiki for updated setting recommendations

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Just be aware that the archer c7 won't manage to route at 1 GBit/s linespeed under any circumstances (you need mvebu or x86_64 for that), obviously you should upgrade for (serious) security reasons nevertheless.


Thank you for your answers - conclusion is, that it won't be a 5 min job. Ok - I am considering on buying a WRT1900AC or ACS. Till then, I will find time for the upgrade.

If you have Gbit connection I strongly recommend an x86_64 mini PC. It's the best cost effective option to get full functionality on Gbps line.

You can use your C7 as an access point

Do you actually need GB speed?

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If I pay for it...

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Fair enough. But then you buy additional hardware to provide the speed. Of course it's justified if it makes a difference; I just don't know your usage and needs.

Of course, I get the point. I asked the same question - home server, small office, couple of webservers and game. It's worth the money, but now rhe bottleneck is the router. Ubiquity er-4 or linksys wrt1900acs. I will decide later...

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By way of a stop-gap, you might want to go to an image that supports flowoffload, it will buy you some mileage on the C7V2.

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Thanks, I will look at it - looks promising.

Neither one will do it. Wrt1900acs or Wrt32X will route it but won't SQM it. Search AliExpress for mini PC with AES-NI or look at Newegg or Amazon for similar searches, dual NIC prefer Intel NICs.

540Mbps with the N4100/4GB/dual GB ethernet mini PC (Beelink S2). What could be wrong? (it was opnsense, not openwrt, so kinda offtopic)

erlite-3 is able to handle such a load, for a er-4 it's piece of cake. Mates measured it, so it's a fact. Obviously, it's pricy...

Driver issues on those cards? Or kernel tuning in opnsense? I don't know. I know that a considerably older J1900 under Linux can route the full gigabit so I suspect it's a tuning or driver issue.

Thanks for the tip, will take a look!

With SFE firmware I could achieve the 860/300, which is fair enough from the sight of investments made :slight_smile:

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