Archer C7 v2: Anyone get AdGuard Home or PiHole running on it?

Hi, I wanted to see if I could get AdGuard Home or PiHole running on my Archer C7 version 2 router, but it seems based on the docs that I don't have enough free RAM for recommended use. I was curious if anyone has done it and if so how it worked out.

Maybe there's a way to free up some memory, maybe by removing/turning off some services? I use a separate access point for wifi, so I disabled wifi in the Archer, but that didn't seem to reduce its memory footprint at all, so maybe there's a way to actually remove the drivers from loading.

Here's my current memory use.

Also, I'm curious if the Archer's processor is even strong enough to block ads without slowing things down.

Thanks for any advice!

are you referring to (Router tab) ?

in that case you're not installing anything on your router, you're just redirecting your client's DNS calls to the adguard servers.

pihole doesn't run on openwrt.

Hi, thanks for replying.

Well, what you linked to is AdGuard DNS, which looks like you set your router to point to their DNS servers and they do the black hole stuff on their end. I actually didn't know about that service, so I'll look more into it (thanks).

What I was asking about is installing AdGuard Home directly on my router. People have done it with other OpenWRT devices, I was just wondering if anyone had gotten it working on an Archer C7 v2. Installing it locally (as opposed to AG DNS) lets you customize it.

AdGuard Home:

I actually didn't know PiHole wouldn't install on OpenWRT. There are lots of posts about it, but now that I read them more carefully, it looks like you're right and they're all about configuring the router to talk to an PiHole device.


I wouldn't try it ...

There's an adblock package in openwrt, it works just like a pihole.

Hey, thanks for telling me about adblock! I installed it and it is awesome! Working great, pages load super fast, and on my phone it doesn't do that annoying thing anymore where the page constantly shifts around as new ads cycle through.

Thank you!

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