Archer C7 v2 - 5GHz client mode - low TX rate

Hey there,

my new TP-Link Archer C7 v2 arrived today and I successfully flashed it with LEDE 17.01.1.
I am using it as Wifi client creating a wireless bridge via relayd and it seems to work really well, but for some reason the wireless menu indicates really low TX rate at 6.0 Mbps. I have run multiple speedtests on DSLReports however it does not indicate any issues with my connection.

Here a link to an average result I am getting with SQM disabled (max. bandwidth I can receive is 400/25 Mbps Up/Down):

And this is how it looks like in LEDE:

The router I am connecting to belongs to my local ISP thus I can't connect via WDS. The older WDR4300 did not have this issue but I had to replace it due to frequent disconnects.

Can this be considered a visual bug and does it have to be reported somewhere?

It's a known "feature" of the ath10k driver, caused by a limitation of the firmware binary blob.

See "Known bugs/limitations" here:


I see. That explains it for me. Thank you very much!