Archer C7 not showing physical ports under Devices?

Hi guys,

trying to set up my OpenWRT to run IPTV through it, which requires VLAN tagging. So following other tutorials I'm supposed to bridge VLAN eth0.1500 with the LAN port where IPTV is connected. However, under Devices I can't see my physical ports? How am I supposed to make the bridge then?

Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I'm a beginner and can't find any info online.

Archer C7 v2, running 22.03.0-rc4

This model still uses swconfig. Go to the Network--Switch page and add a VLAN 1500 there, connecting the modem with one of the LAN ports. Since the TV packets will be handled entirely through hardware switching, this is the only place you need to configure. You do not need to attach VLAN 1500 to a CPU port.

Thanks for the answer. So I've set it up like this, and it does not work (IPTV is LAN 4). What am I missing?

A switch VLAN that only has one port active on it can't actually switch anything. VLAN 1500 also has to be tagged on WAN, so when a 1500 tagged packet arrives from the modem it is switched through to the TV-- still tagged, as if the TV box were directly connected to the modem.

Got it thanks, now I've tagged both, but it still does not work. :sob:

Just for clarification, I'm the modem is connected to an ONT (via WAN, and VLAN 100) and is connecting via PPPoE to the internet.

If your WAN is tagged 100, delete VLAN 2. It isn't being used, and mixing tagged and untagged on the same port doesn't always work.

You may need to restart the TV box and/or the ONT to get them to re-negotiate their connection.

Thanks, tried all of that - still nothing. Any other ideas maybe?

Here is mine. I connect upstream through WAN, and downstream to the VLANs per port.
I understand the CPU needs to be tagged for communication. Likely you'll have higher performance if you all put them on the same CPU, but for me this set up is simpler.

Also, don't forget to set your firewall properly if you do this.

Thanks a lot! This did it for me!

Here's my configuration in the end (IPTV is on port Lan 4 with VLAN tag 1500)

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