Archer C7 got slow after update to current version of OpenWrt


I am aware that Archer C7 is not compatible with Hardware Flow Offloading - so instead of the expeted 500 Mbps I only got 120 Mbps - after turning off Hardware Flow Offloading I got the full 500 Mbps.

That worked for several months - after some updates I did not notive exactly when but now I am back to 120 Mbps. I checked the settings and Hardware Flow Offloading was checked (again) - so I unchecked, saved and rebooted - still 120 Mbps.

What am I missing?

Which version are you using?

The archer c7 (no h/w revision of it) doesn't have hardware flow-offloading (that's only supported by mediatek mt7621/ mt7622 so far), so enabling it won't do anything (-good). The hardware itself is good for ~175-200 MBit/s (at most), software flow-offloading can push that a bit, but you're really looking for (way-) faster hardware with a 500 MBit/s WAN speed, see So you have 500Mbps-1Gbps fiber and need a router READ THIS FIRST.