Archer C7 fast enough for Home Assistant?

I want to control a radiator thermostat with an android app. Could it be possible to use an TP-Link Archer C7 directly instead of connecting to Raspberry Pi3b in between?

Are you sure you need Home Assistant just for controlling a single thermostat? Which one would you like to control?

Anyway, the C7 is definitely too slow and does not have enough space. I had Domoticz running for a while on an OpenWrt box with extroot, but even this only worked with limited functionality.

For a proper Home Assistant experience, I would recommend a Pi4 or a similar system.

fyi: your first link is about integrating an OpenWrt device into Home Assistant, not running Home Assistant on OpenWrt. For the latter, you would go with Home Assistant Container or Home Assistant VM.

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No, not 1 radior, about 10.

Is a Zyxel Z2 strong enough?

I planned to use a Raspberry PI3b for Homeassistant, but if a router makes sense, I would like to use a router.

I don't understand, why it can make sense to integrate openwrt in Home Assistent, eg. with ra PI 3.

You didn't specify the technology, how are the thermostats controlled? Z-Wave? ZigBee? HomeMatic? WiFi? ... ?

The integration allows the detection of mobile devices so Home Assistant can get a hint if you're home or not.

When In started this thread, I thought it would be zigbee with Homeassistatnt, Now I changed my mind and want to use Homematic with a CCU3, so I think it doesnt make sense to use an openwrt device, or am I wrong?

If you use a CCU, there is no need for running anything on OpenWrt (and no need for Home Assistant).

However, you might like to still use Home Assistant with the Homematic integration - in this case, I would go for a Pi 4 and run the CCU software in a container (e.g. Raspberrymatic).

I have something similar in my flat, although I use Homegear instead (I only have Homematic "classic" devices, not HmIP). The Pi 4 has Raspbian as its operating system, Home Assistant and Homegear are running in individual containers. This way, the Pi can be used for other purposes as well.

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