Archer c7 ac1750 bricked


I have been using openwrt on my wrt54gl router. pretty old. So got an Archer c7 ac1750 transferred the renamed factory image to /tmp, sshed and used "mtd -r write /tmp/....bin firmware"

Now getting only power light on, for few seconds the WPS is on and then of... a quick blink of power button too...

Think I bricked it...

Trying to tftp following the guide but no connection nothing happens... saw that somebody else had the same problem and found the solution with external lan card...

Any suggestions appreciated

Which version of ac1750?
I don't see your installation method in the device page though.

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v5, initially did it via webUI, but didn't had access to webUI after flashing firmware. Then I did what I described above. Setted tftp, I ping and getting TTL=128 which I suppose shows that router is active.

Does this mean that you were back to the original firmware webpage after a restart?

Are you sure this is the router? According to the documentation it will be .88 after you initiate the tftp procedure. Moreover a ttl of 128 is in windows.

Writing a "factory" image directly to flash through mtd will brick it. The "sysupgrade" can be written directly but that is not the recommended install method.

In TFTP recovery, the WPS light on the front of the router should be the only one lit. Run wireshark on your TFTP server machine to look for requests from the router.

Should I connect to wan port or lan?

lan better.

Did wireshark

Seems that I get request's from but no tftp connection
(is there any way to send you the capture file.

A firewall on the PC may be blocking requests, or the TFTP server is improperly configured.

should the lan cable be crossover?

foolish question

had to disable IPv6 (don't know why though)

finally got Luci working!

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Wireshark tcpdump capture the packets before the firewall.