Archer C60 recommendable on my situation? (temporary housing, slow up link)


I am moving into a temporary home for two years and my landlord is kind enough to share his internet (via lan) with me and my wife. I am looking for a cascading router that can do dnat or where I have access to iptables.

I tried reviving my old fritzbox-7390, but it seems the manufacturer changed so much that you can't use dnat or iptables atm.

I can get a TP-Link Archer C60 v3 for very cheap and I am considering buying it. This link says it has 8mb flash and 64mb

So it's slightly above the absolute minimum to run openwrt, but I am bit wary since the 4/32 warnings page also says that even with 8/64 you stil can experience problems. I am just not sure what problems means here...

The uplink to my (landlords) provider is 50mbit,so it wouldn't have to handle much.

Given the circumstances (temporary setup, slow uplink), is it a good idea to buy this router? Once I am settled in in a more permanent home my plan is to invest into a bigger router. Buying a bigger router now seems like a waste of money since the same router will probably be much cheaper in two years.

If somebody would share their thoughts I'd be very happy.

It is quite the change, from Atheros to Mediatek, according to this website: TP-LINK Archer C6 v3.0 - WikiDevi.Wi-Cat.RU .

I am not sure what I should be looking at on that site, sorry :confused:

Even if it wasn't for a, what seems to be, different router (c6 vs c60)

Do you mean openwrt won't run on that router even with a minimal configuration?

Sorry, I didn't see the change from C60 to C6. I ordered an Archer C50 for $29 CDN from last week, which uses the MT7628 cpu. The C60 is $10 more. I use sqm on the DSL 25/10 link:

# /etc/config/sqm
uci del sqm.eth1.qdisc_advanced
uci del sqm.eth1.ingress_ecn
uci del sqm.eth1.egress_ecn
uci del sqm.eth1.qdisc_really_really_advanced
uci del sqm.eth1.itarget
uci del sqm.eth1.etarget
uci set sqm.eth1.enabled='1'
uci set sqm.eth1.interface='pppoe-wan'
uci set'0'
uci set sqm.eth1.upload='10800'
uci set sqm.eth1.debug_logging='0'
uci set sqm.eth1.verbosity='5'
uci set sqm.eth1.script='layer_cake.qos'
uci set sqm.eth1.linklayer='ethernet'
uci set sqm.eth1.overhead='34'
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Thanks! What I got from your paste is that it should be possible :slight_smile:
What I unfortunately got from your link is that these routers aren't gigabit, so I think I'll go for a c7 instead.

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I have the 2 antenna version, the WR330: MTK MT7621AT 802.11AC 1200Mbps 5G Wireless WiFi Router USB Gigabit Ethernet LEDE OPENWRT Router Padavan 512MB Memory /32MB Flash|openwrt firmware|wireless routerwifi repeater - AliExpress

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