Archer C60 - Cant access Admin (connection refused)

Hello there! I'm with a lot of issues with my Archer C60 v2.0. It had the OpenWrt installed and it was not allowing me to configure 5ghz band properly, so i decided to Upgrade it to version 19. But after trying to flash the upgrade, it never left the Loading wheel and screen, so i thought it was already done and tried to refresh the page and reset the router. The result is now i cant access the admin using the ip, even though its the default gateway. It always shows "Connection Refused". I can see the network when i Power On and connect to it, but cant access the admin page, no matter what i do. I tried to download the correct firmware for my version on TP-Link website to flash it via TFTP, but with no results, nothing appears on the log tab. I changed my IP to and tried to power on while holding the reset button, but nothing happens at all, and it powers only the power LED and only corrects when i shutdown and power on again, without holding the reset. When i try to ping it accepts and answers, but i dont know what to do to make it work and/or install again a new firmware. Could someone please help me on that? Thanks!

First try a reset to defaults -- allow to boot fully, then press and hold the reset button for more than 5 seconds then release. All the lights should blink then it reboots with default settings.

If that doesn't help, next try ssh to

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Finally got it to work! Differently from the tutorials here, the TFTP only worked when i plugged the Ethernet cable on the WAN port, instead of LAN port. Then it flashed the firmware normally and rebooted. I changed the file name to tp_recovery.bin and used the IP, although my router gateway was

Thanks for this forum and all people who helped solving these issues. I spent last night trying to do this, and luckily in my last attempt (i was about to throw it on the garbage) it finally worked! Dont give up hahah

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