Archer C6 crashed overnight

I woke up this morning to find none of my devices were connected to wifi anymore (and indeed all 3 of my SSIDs could not be seen). Walking over to my router (TP Link Archer C6, only about 3 days old running the latest release 22.03), I found none of the LEDs were on the front.

Power cycling the router has resolved all this. I had a look at the system logs and see that logs stopped around 19:30(ish) last night with nothing suspicious leading up to the logs stopping. However, I was happily using the internet until about 1am so everything was still working by then.

Would there be any sort of crash dumps I could retrieve that might suggest what happened?



all non fw-related (ie changes to settings, new packages, etc) writes are done to RAM, if you reboot the device, they're all gone.

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