Archer C50 v4: How can I create the firmware file for the initial setup

I'm going to buy a TP-Link Archer C50 v4 router. I've never installed the openwrt software. I've been looking through the installation guides and they all have the necessary file for the initial setup but not for the c50 v4. I guess we have to create my own.. There are commands on the git page of the router, but I don't quite understand it. I don't want the router to be bricked. Can you help me?

Did you study these two sections?

Build you own C50 v4 image and use TFTP to install it:

Pre-built 19.07 image for C50 v4 and install it via TP-link web UI:
Once 19.07 is installed, then flash 22.03 sysupgrade.bin file via LuCI - remember to untick the 'Keep Settings' check box.