Archer C50 AC1200 V4 was down

It error same this topic Archer C50 AC1200 V4 bricked,
please help me fix it! I dont know make how to with that tut!
I was flash fw c50v3 for c50v4 :(... And my router only show 1 led :frowning: !! PLease help me


File for recovery:!k5di1IyC!x1MN4skqGTSYrR6t6ejZ3GBdV3QhG667iQXKE2WCnro


Set up tftp server providing the file.
Set the IP address on the network server to
Turn off the router.
Connect the computer / server to the LAN port on the router.
Press and hold the reset button / wps.
Turn on the router and wait until WPS LED will light - about 8 seconds.
Began recovery procedure.
Release the reset / wps.
Wait about 60 seconds.

Tks my bro! I will check it

thanks bro! is file correct!! :slight_smile:

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