Archer C50 2.4GHz wifi not stable

Hi. The first time i try lede on TP Archer C50 i found that the 2.4GHz wifi radio is improved, so i moved all my router from openwrt to lede (may be forever). But after i test it for a week it becomes unstable (just 2.4GHz, 5GHz is fine). The download is slow and ip call is unstable (although signal is strong). This is the first time i post here so if i mistake please help :grinning:

One more thing: when upgrade using sysupgrade it says firmware not support c50, only ArcherC50 (???) and if i force it says erase block failed (but still get new version after all). Should i ignore it ? :confused:

This is image from inssider (only blue and orange line, the other is from other router)


Can you describe what has improved for you on 2.4GHz wifi after switching to LEDE?

Hi. The improvement is signal coverage. I see lede keep good work in maintaining mediatek drivers.

I'm also having the same issue. Did you solve it ??

it may be this bug
It looks like this bug fixed at kernal 4.10, so if you use current trunk (and soon to be released openwrt 18.06 it would be fixed as they use kernel 4.14

Currently I'm on kernel 4.4.92
Glad to know it's a known bug :slight_smile:
Strangely, It doesn't affect 5GHz band at all.

Just upgraded to 18.06 which is running on 4.14.43 kernel.
Sadly, It didn't fix this famous bug on any router which are using mt7620 chipset :neutral_face:
Is there any place to report or any extra steps to be followed to get rid of this?

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write and post MT7620 devices you use, their exact revision and wikidevi links to these devices

if there is enough interest (and support) i will try to get 4-5 most popular devices and continue to work on stabilizing wifi drivers

MT7620 Device here

TP Link Archer C50 V1 running on 18.06 RC1

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