Archer C3200 searching for full flash dump

Hello friend, how are you?
I'm looking for someone who has the Archer C3200 and can extract the full dump.
My router is brick after I performed an unsuccessful update.
Would you or someone on the forum help me?

Hi Rodney,how can i help?

hello, i really need the complete firmware to re-record directly into the memory of the archer c3200 and recover the router.

Ok,in this case i think you can recover from brick state to flashing OEM firmware back with TFTP method,i did it with another Tp-link router awhile back and it worked flawlesly.
Here is a link on youtube:
If there is any other way i can help,let me know

I tried this method and also another using the serial UART, but the Archer C3200 goes into such a critical state that it doesn't even start.
It only comes on with a few fixed lights.
This was the only place where I found a solution:
The author created a complete file to write directly to memory with a BIOS writer, but he did not share it.

I am in contact with another person in Russia who is having the same problem as me.
My current need is to obtain firmware where the router can be started and found by TFTP to follow the video procedures.

In this link:
I left the original file and another one was modified following the guidelines of the following tips:
I haven't tested it yet, my chip is out of the router, I need to take it to a technician to solder it.

Any ideas, if it works for me?

The links you provided are all in russian language,no idea what are they talking about there,sorry
Anyway,i guess you gonna have to reprogram the flash chip and soldered back onto routerboard.

I have used google translator and I confess that I have suffered to understand ..
About reprogram the flash chip, the question is that the firmware downloaded from the site does not work, I tried and it did not work, it would have to be a version extracted directly from a working router.

I understand your frustration with google translate and not being able to do anything about it.
Your last chance will be to just dump the firmware from a working device onto your chip and resoldering back,i would realy like to help you but i can’t dismantle the router because is the only one i have working at home and i would need another piece of hardware( and some software as well to do debugging and dumping the flash.This is a good POC on how to do that( unfortunately i am not good at hacking hardware and time to do that.

Hi Rodney!
I have the same Archer C3200 with booting problem.
Can you send to me link for full dump of 16 MB SPI flash firmware?
Will try unsolder SPI and flash it with burner.

Thanks a lot!

Hi friend, of course.
Follow the link, you will need to edit the file with a HEX editer to put your Mac Address. search for sequence 1111, after changing, save the file and record with a bios recorder directly on the chip.