Archer C3150 cfe login?

I've got my serial cable on this router. I have the boot log and nvram dump.
I'm trying to get a dump of the flash. Does anyone know what the login password is?
I've tried root for the login and sohoadmin for the password, which is what it is for the archer c9, but it's not working for this unit.

Try root 1234 or admin 1234

Thank you. It was admin 1234.
Now I'm trying to dump the mtd partitions. I already have the bootlog and nvram dump.

I can see the mtd partitions by doing cat /prod/mtd.
I have a USB stick attached to the router, I can access its contents with winscp by selecting ftp. Is there a way to send the mtd to the USB stick?

Thank you. I was able to dump the flash.