Archer C20i lede 17.01 rc2 image builder firmware size


when i build archer c20i firmware with lede image builder 17.01 rc2, the firmware size is too long:

lede 17.01: 7995555 bytes
openwrt 15.05: 7995392 bytes

At the end, lede 17.01 firmware contains:
{ "supported_devices":["c20i"], "version": { "dist": "LEDE", "version": "17.01.0-rc2", "revision": "r3131-42f3c1f", "board": "ramips" } }

I think there is a bug when building the firmware.

"this is not a bug it's a feature"

This image have "metadata". Dont panic, this part is not writen to flash it's only for check firmware if it is supported to Your platform.