Archer C20 - 5 GHz not working

I have an Archer C20 on which I just installed openwrt. I was able to configure the 2.4GHz band, working fine as a wireless repeater.
But when I do exactly the same as with 2.4 for the 5GHz band, it can scan, add the client and even the master. But when I do the save and apply, the 5GHz goes inactive. Never transmits.

Any clues?

Wait a bit, in case of choosing a DFS channel, the kernel first has to listen for potential radar events - this takes at least 1 minute (multiple minutes if DFS events are detected).

Can someone adjust thread title to GHz please? I came in here originally thinking someone was trying to utilise the narrow channel capability of some of the older chips.
Order of magnitude and units are pretty important...

I've lost my regular status so can't change it myself.

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Thanks! I have tried different channels and waited. Same thing always: It connects to gateway router and transmits fine on 2GHz. It connects on 5GHz but never gets to emitting

Sorry about that. Fixed now

I spoke with TP Link. They say the Archer C20 does not scan on 5GHZ. However, when I use the OpenWRT FW, it does scan and it does see the 5GHz. But it does not transmit in 5GHz (it does transmit on 5GHz with stock FW, though)