(Archer A7) Wifi is very slow

The network toplogy is isp fiber -> big switch -> ethernet cat 6 drop to my house -> my own archer a7.

On lan i get full speed 85-90 mbps and same on wifi but when i am literally in direct line of sight and within 5 feet radius in direct sight.

When im in a second room without direct line i get less than 12 mbps on 5g band and 32mbps on 2.4ghz band.

Can i get some help with the wifi config and settings ?

When you get full speed on wifi somewhere, nothing is wrong with your wifi. If it doesn't work on bigger distances/ in other rooms, then you suffer from attenuation or interference. For 5GHz it's normal that it has problems with walls, especially when it are serious walls. 2.4GHz is less affected (which is the main reason it still exists), but that advantage is also a disadvantage, because you will have more interference with your neighbors 2.4GHz wifi than with his 5GHz.
The most common solution is to move your AP to a place where both rooms have good coverage (near a door, or something like that), or put a second, wired AP in the second room.

Okay but are there any settings that i can change like channels and band width for both 2g and 5g spectrum.I am already using different channels than my neighbors.